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Peak mountain crocheted the highest peak of Hormuzcan province 3262

The purpose of this article is to provide rich content to the beautiful and enjoyable mountains.
  This is a full post of content pieces that is somewhat similar to the LEGO bricks – you can move around with it and see the various species of trees moving your summit around the area and you will notice the different blocks of the Gulf of the Gulf line See shipping, or take a look at different varieties of Turanian and Iranian trees.

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The editor will endeavor to create a new page and post building experience that makes writing rich posts effortless, and has “blocks” to make it easy what today might take shortcodes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed discovery.

Matt Mullenweg, 2017

نمایش نوشته

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Manuchehr Mastadkayvani
Grandfather  Mrs AsiehTorabi zadeh 1981
, Manzar Khan، Manouchehr Khan, Naser Khan Mo’tazmed Kayvani are among the great rulers of the city of Faraghan hormozgan  ۱۹۸۰

The graduates of Sirmand Tarom Land (Farghandat) are from the east to the sources of the Jiroft and the burnished city of Yahya Hill and the west to the shores of Shusha, a brave triangle of burned city – Hali Rood-Tape Yahya (archaeologists have explored), Faghranat to the north The background of the Silk Hill of Kermania, the ancient civilization, is restored in the south of the ancient kingdoms of Jurun (ancient Hormuz) and southern Iran, Farghānat Ferosuffareh (between the road) and the commercial of these dams of Balar (Larestan), which has an ancient background. The civilization of Jiroft and the burned city and the hill of Yahya with the land of Farghandat equals the same hills (the Nizamabad and the hill of the Nawiya), and the findings of the view and the jars are the same as the ancient ancient colors. The houses and the Chinese figurines found at the edge of the Caucasian desert in the west, At the mouths of the Meymand, the mouths of the hill are 3267 m high and the mountain of Bunyak and the mountains to the plain of Minoo, Gobrazi, at its altitudinal altitudes of forty five miles eastward to the west of the mountain range of Zakars First, Taydar (Pachnar), the second of Dehneh Meymand, With eight kilometers then, Nahrand Narmand, therefore, the north harbor of the mountain from the viewpoint The intruders of the three entrances are inaccessible and the entrance to the west of the entrance is from the Searmand (Raisee) and (Pachzak) pachzak and the Cow Valley and the opinion of the groups of ancient people in these valleys and in the part of the Goodiboorze and (Mountain) Doohoo, after all, read and read the requirements of the comfort of life (ancient) and provide people with a high fortress (mountains). On the other hand, in terms of dialect, culture and geographic location, there is an inseparable part of the gita, in all the days of The droughts of the war and the pressures of all drove each other up, so a great land of promising culture Made him The circular interconnection is in the middle of the city, but we know that the land is located in the Nephra, the capital of the province, and the territory of the capital, we call the fort of the high mountain of Jain, and Faraghan (Farghandat), the capital of ancient fortune telling, called for speech and the ritual city , All the chains together cultivate a wealthy culture, the spirituality of the infidels and the abyss of the earth, the land of the rebellion during the reign of Darius the Great, from the book (Anweld Toynbee), the translation of Homayoun Industrial Zadeh, and the seventh day of Herodotus, p. 70-69 Also, item 67 in the four parts of the same sentence (Bastoon stone). At the time of reading, and the fire temple, the villain of the Vizadeh conflict on the edge of Mount Faraghan (Darfur), Darius the Shah, by sending an army to the command (Arthurdiya) in the foothills of the hill of the Euphonia (522-521 BC) and according to ancient writing and documentation on the rock. From the fourth (at the fourth), the warrior arrested and arrested his prince. A police officer was arrested on this frigoon. Faghon Mountain, south of Faghghan, was the hillside of a mountain range called “Dive Warehouse”, which is believed to be from the height of the ancient Egyptian people. Shygh (obviously) in the northern most part of this building, with a large infrastructure and opposite to it (east) of the building The other buildings made of these buildings, which feature astronomy, timeline, finding the times, the most time of the night and the brightest day (Yalda’s night), cultivate and celebrate the coming of the New Year. Two buildings opposite the river are connected to (Kerman Yak Kerman) So, with this solid evidence of this ancient land with neighborhoods, the Uthias (Dark Land) of the Dark Peri Minerals (Farghānat) in the south of the capital (Police Press), have been called and have been abandoned from the ransom to the capital (Herodotus Page 23 And 32 above), and in this section the army (Achaemenids) is freely and has soldiers of war, the lateral gates When you look at this quarter is part of Area 18 tax Achaemenid two dark reputation in the cultural and geographical Herodotus lived together in the tax,

The fairy tale of the southern mines and the Asian hermits is not listed in any of the Achaemenian official lists, Herodot does not relate to the separation of these two peoples in the retelling of the Khang-i-Shah artillery troop deployment to Athens (Rome). Here, the minerals are the same as the equipment of the packets People on the Pakistan-India border), but an independent army unit had a self-governing unit (sources: Herodotus, Book VII, Item 68), followed by Asian Indians and Hindi, and the Quran were one unit. The mines in the eastern Neighboring City of Utah (Utah) They are the land of their province. They are the southeastern part of Kerman, western part of Makran In the eastern part of Makran, between the fairy-tales and the Sindh, we should call the land of the Asian Ascensions, and it seems to be true that the great king Dariush of this area, together with the possession of the document, was part of the same policy of obtaining the shores of the Indian Ocean The above sources have been adapted from historical books of more than 70 volumes on different dates.

(The Achaemenid administrative geography is from the translated version of Homayoun Industrial Co., page 110)

History of Medina of Damascus

 (۱) The following is a transcript of the 19/178 “Al-Hussein” verse. (2) Al-Qur’an Al-Sa’dhī Fi is a member of the Al-Qara’a al-Kubar 1/429 and al-Wafi al-Balafit 12/220. The date of Damascus, Ibn Asakir, 13, p. 351 Alfahab and the letter of Farghagh al-Maliki Page: 441

Farshma Naseri Volume 2

   Pages :, 1600, 1602, 1614, 1616, 1617, 1620, 1623, 1625, 1633, 1634, 1636, 1637, 1640, 1676 Persian (Farsi) 1264, 1265 Graduated 42, 900, 1350, 1351, 1352, 1353, 1354 Farooq (village) 596, 1556 Faryab 380, 1338, 1340 1527

How are we 
parekane ..aooten        Faraghan hormozgan  
golamohoose kan

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فارغان یا فارغانات یکی از برزن های کهن ایران وهرمزگان هست

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